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Plantronics SMS 1066-01 for Airbus A310 A320 A330


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Product Description:

The Plantronics SMS 1066-01 is just like our popular MS50-type headsets, but comes with the AXR5-12 plug needed on Airbus A310, A320, and A330 aircraft. We recommend that you use it with one of our custom-molded earpieces (we can send you an impression kit) and our Boom-Bar (either detachable from the earpiece or permanently attached). This allows this lightweight but tough set to be used without any headstrap. The voice tube stays solidly to the side of your mouth, out of the way, but never missing your transmissions. These headsets were back ordered for months, but are finally here! If you find this headset for a lower price, be sure to ask if it is in stock because your order time could be several months. But not at!

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Price:$299.00 $272.00
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