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Providing Quality Custom Earpieces for Over 35 Years

Telex has been making quality aviation headsets for many years, backed by great warranties and terrific service. Because Avery Sound Company, Inc.(TM) is a Telex Authorized Reseller, we can offer the entire product line from Telex, so if you don't see it here, simply let us know what you need.

If you are not sure which set is right for you, simply contact us for expert advice. We will make sure that you only get the set that is perfect for your situation.

Price: $85.00 $64.00 Order Now
Price: $85.00 $64.00 Order Now
Price: $90.00 $69.00 Order Now
Price: $90.00 $69.00 Order Now
Price: $24.00 Order Now

How do I order a custom earpiece?

Click on the blue Shop Now button below the product offered. If placing and order for two or more earpieces, let us know if the earpieces are for the same person and same ear. If for different people, please specify the name and color for each person in the comment section before check out.

Once your order is received, we will ship an impression kit to make an impression of your ear. (or in the case of deep impressions, we will email you a Lab Order Form, see deep impression advisory). Mail the completed impressions to our lab using the postage paid mailing materials or to the address at the bottom of the lab order form. We will use your impression to make a reverse casting and return to you a custom made earpiece that will fit in your ear and are guaranteed to give you the comfort and convenience you have been looking for.

Earpieces can be ordered in a wide variety of colors. If no color is selected the earpiece will have a variable tan color. (The material does not cure perfectly clear.) There is even a glitter option for that personalized touch.

Your comfort is guaranteed, or we will
remake your earpiece for free!


With your customer service it is without a doubt I will recommend you all! Thanks again for all of your help!

R. Rover

Fayetteville, Georgia

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I received the Telex headset very quickly. Thank you for all your help.

C. Hall

Roscoe, Illinois

I just got the headset and ear piece, it fits great. Thanks for the help from a long way away. I'm sure I'll have several recommendations for you from the guys around here, as there is no place in the UAE to get this kind of thing done. Without a doubt, I am a VERY satisfied customer. And for the record, you can tell anybody and everybody. Again, thanks from the BIG sand box.

J. Harbison

United Arab Emirates

Just to let you know that the headset and custom earpiece arrived safe and sound last Friday. Gave it a try out and it works fine, well worth the wait and just what is needed if you wear glasses . . . many thanks.

C. Lebioda/h2>

New York, New York

Thank you. I know you put an inordinate amount of time on this order and I very much appreciate it. It is rare to find that level of customer service anywhere! I will be ordering from you again in the future.

N. Vazzana

St. Louis, Missouri

You're help and quick response is much appreciated. I received the parts today, just in time for my next trip. Thank you very much!

T. Sweeney

Streamwood, Illinois