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Bose ProFlight Custom Earpieces


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Product Description:

Bose ProFlight, and ProFlight Series 2 custom earpieces made from our Satin Soft material designed to replace the generic Bose ear tips supplied with the Bose headset.

The Bose ProFlight requires a good ear canal seal for the ANC (active noise cancellation) to work properly. Most pilots require "deep impressions" to attain this canal seal. Also, if you require maximum levels of hearing protection we recommend deep impressions.

Pleaseclick here to read the "Deep Impression Advisory" Choose the "deep impression" option in the drop-down menu when ordering, and we will email you a lab order form with instructions. Be sure to place an order Before getting your impressions made, so we can send you the lab order form.  This is for one pair for custom earpieces, and does not include the Bose ProFlight headset.

** Be sure to check out our sale (below) on Pre-Flight Earplugs, when ordered with a set of Bose ProFlight earpieces.

Deep Impressions Advisory Statement

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