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Flat Attenuation Earplugs


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Product Description:

Flat Noise Attenuation earplugs provide protection, and yet allows the user the ability to hear accurately. The ER-9, ER-15, and the ER-25 have been developed to meet this need. These custom earpieces are used by musicians, sound crews, recording engineers, dentists, and frequent air travelers. The higher the filter rating, the higher the level of noise attenuation.

The flat attenuation earpieces shown to the left are in the full shell style. This style can be obtained by using our at-home impression kit which will be shipped to you when your order is placed.

If you require maximum levels of hearing protection we recommend deep impressions. Please read the Deep Impression Advisory Statement. Be sure to write in the comment box at check-out that you "plan on getting deep impressions" and we will email you a lab order form with instructions.

Deep Impressions Advisory Statement

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