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Surveillance Earpieces

Surveillance Earpieces




Custom molded Surveillance Earpieces are designed for military, police, secret service, and security personnel. The collar clip and coiled tubing allow the user a full range of head motion while keeping the earpiece and connectors in place and largely hidden from view.


Each Surveillance Earpiece comes standard with coiled tubing, collar clip, and choice of adapter. (Call us if you need a special adapter.) The Surveillance Earpiece is can be ordered in Acrylic or Satin Soft material.


Surveillance Earpieces can be ordered in skeleton, half skeleton, or full style with a variety of color options. The earpieces displayed are shown in the "no color" option.


Surveillance earpieces can be ordered in "no color" option, or a variety of colors. The earpiece shown is a Satin Soft Full Skeleton in black. If you want to be able to hear ambient noise, versus blocking outside noise, venting is available on any of our earpieces for a charge of $10.00. Or for extremely noisy environments, a deep impression advised.


We also offer a semihard fabric storage pouch for your earpiece which can be purchased below. This case has a sturdy zipper and provides a perfect storage option for your custom earpiece. (Please note the case may not be large enough to accommodate the wired interface portion if left attached.)

Standard adapters for use with Surveillance Earpieces:




How do I order custom earpieces?

Click on the blue Order Now button below the product offered. If placing and order for two or more earpieces, let us know if the earpieces are for the same person and same ear. If for different people, please specify the name and color for each person in the comment section before check out.

Once your order is received, we will ship an impression kit to make an impression of your ear. Mail the completed impressions to our lab using the postage paid mailing materials or to the address at the bottom of the lab order form. We will use your impression to make a reverse casting and return to you a custom made earpiece that will fit in your ear and are guaranteed to give you the comfort and convenience you have been looking for.

Earpieces can be ordered in a wide variety of colors. If no color is selected the earpiece will have a variable tan color. (The material does not cure perfectly clear.) There is even a glitter option for that personalized touch.

Your comfort is guaranteed, or we will
remake your earpiece for free!


Just got the surveillance earpiece and hooked it all up with my kit. Works great and fits like a charm! Your customer service is OUTSTANDING! Thanks again for all your help in the process. I plan on letting all the guys on the team know, and maybe throw some more business your way. I am very impressed with your customer service.

A. Brechue

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of me so expediently. I only missed one day of work without the ear pieces. I've been vehemently raving to my colleagues about your products and your customer service. Thanks again.

M. Milella

Panorama City, California

Received my replacement earpiece today. Perfect fit. You people are the best. Thank you.

T. Winters

North Palm Beach, Florida

Just wanted to let you know that I received my custom made surveillance earpiece today in the mail. It fits like a glove, I'll try it out tomorrow. Thanks again for the prompt responses and great customer service. Now that I know your company is fantastic, I am inclined to order more. I was thinking of a set of stereo earphones. Do you have those?

M. Arellini

Miami Lakes, Florida

I have used several Avery Sound molds on different equipment and they consistently perform as advertised. The customer support at Avery Sound is excellent.

Kirk S.

Fremont, California

Thank you. I know you put an inordinate amount of time on this order and I very much appreciate it. It is rare to find that level of customer service anywhere! I will be ordering from you again in the future.

N. Vazzana

St. Louis, Missouri

I received the earpiece and it is outstanding!

R. Rizzo

Baltimore, Maryland