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Motorola Bluetooth

The Motorola line of Bluetooth earsets are incredible products but we receive hundreds of e-mails every month from customers looking for a way to improve the performance and fit of their model. A custom earpiece from Avery Sound is the answer.

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How do I order a custom earpiece for my Bluetooth?

Click on the blue Shop Now button below the product offered. If placing and order for two or more earpieces, let us know if the earpieces are for the same person. If for different people, please specify the name and color for each person in the comment section before check out.

Once your order is received, we will ship an impression kit to make an impression of your ear. Mail the completed impressions to our lab using the postage paid mailing materials or to the address at the bottom of the lab order form. We will use your impression to make a reverse casting and return to you a custom made earpiece that will fit on your Bluetooth and are guaranteed to give you the comfort and convenience you have been looking for.

Earpieces can be ordered in a wide variety of colors. If no color is selected the earpiece will have a variable tan color. (The material does not cure perfectly clear.) There is even a glitter option for that personalized touch.

Your comfort is guaranteed, or we will
remake your earpiece for free!

Which Motorola models will work with the Avery Sound Custom Earpiece?

The earpiece is not only custom fit for your ear but is custom fit for the specific Motorola model. Shown below are examples of Motorola models with custom earpieces. If you do not see your model pictured send us an e-mail. We are adding new models every month.

Motorola Elite Sliver Bluetooth with a custom earpiece in no color

Motorola Elite Flip Bluetooth with a custom earpiece in light blue

Motorola Boom, and Boom 2 Bluetooth with a custom earpiece in dark purple

Motorola Whisper Bluetooth with a custom earpiece in no color

Motorola H12 Bluetooth with a black custom earpiece

Motorola H15 Bluetooth with a no color earpiece.

Motorola H17 Bluetooth with a no color earpiece

Motorola H19TXT Bluetooth with a no color earpiece

Motorola H270 Bluetooth with a custom earpiece in black

Motorola H375 Bluetooth with custom earpiece

Motorola H385 Bluetooth with a no color custom earpiece

Motorola H390 Bluetooth with a black custom earpiece

Motorola H560 Bluetooth with a no color custom earpiece

Motorola H680/H685 Bluetooth with a custom earpiece

Motorola H690 with a custom earpiece shown in yellow

Motorola H695 Bluetooth with a no color custom earpiece

Motorola HX550 Bluetooth with a black custom earpiece

Motorola HK110 Bluetooth with a light blue custom earpiece

Motorola HX600 Bluetooth with a red custom earpiece

Motorola HZ700 CommandOne Bluetooth with a black custom earpiece

Motorola H780 Bluetooth with a black custom earpiece

Motorola H790 Bluetooth with a dark blue earpiece

We can even make custom earpieces for wired earbud speakers for your cell phone


I wanted to personally say thank you, and to everyone at AVERY SOUND, for making my experience with your company so positive. You have gone over and above to accommodate me, and I canít thank you enough. I received the new earpiece yesterday, and it is PERFECT! It is comfortable, and stays firmly in place in my ear. I am telling all of my friends that have Bluetooth headsets how pleased I am with your product. Thank you again to you and your lab for taking such good care of me. I appreciate it very much. If you have a testimonial section on your website, Iíd be happy to add my comments.

W. Schatzle

Knoxville, Tennessee

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I am very pleased with the snug fit of my earpiece. The product is incredibly comfortable and effective. Yes, I am interested in ordering a duplicate and possibly a triplicate. Thanks again!

G. Moyer

Silver Spring, Maryland

Thrilled with my Motorola Command One custom earpiece...and I want to tell people! I have many friends who are pilots as well as friends/associates who are unfortunately as glued to their phones as frequently as myself. Thanks again.

A. Herzog

Grain Valley, Missouri

I just wanted to follow up with you and let your company know I just love my custom earpiece. I just wish I had found you guys earlier. That would have saved me a lot of money on buying different bluetooth trying to find the perfect one that would stay in and that I could hear in noisy conditions. Does your website have a place where I can tell my story on how great you guys are?

K. Penegar

Ft. Worth, Texas

I have used my earpiece for a few weeks and I really like it. I would like to order a duplicate.

J. Na

Uniontown, Ohio

I got my custom earpiece set up with my Command One Headset. I can't believe how well I can hear and how solid the device is in my ear! Previously I was constantly adjusting the headset because it always became loose or fell out. Over time, I've tried at least 4 different headsets to no avail. In fact, if I had gotten my earpiece from Avery sound earlier, I would have both saved money and saved myself a great deal of frustration.I would like to thank you for answering so carefully my pre-sale questions completely and patiently. My previous history made me skeptical, but you assured me that this custom ear piece would solve my problem. It certainly did! Thanks.

P. Burns

Minneapolis, Minnesota