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How long does the process take? 

We only need your impressions in house for 7-10 days, the rest is transit time. Choose one of the faster shipping options at check-out to speed up the process

What if my model is not listed? 

We are making earpieces for new models every month. Just send us an email

Is there a discount for ordering more than one? 

Yes, we offer a discount if you order an exact duplicate. Send us an email for details

Can you use my impressions that I have already? 

Yes, we can use your impressions. Just make sure they are made to our specifications which include the upper part of the ear including the helix curl and helix lock

Do I need more than one set of impressions for more than one set of earpieces? 

We can use one set of impressions to make multiple set of earpieces

Do you keep my impressions for future orders? 

Yes, we keep your impression on file for a period of time as long as they are in good condition

Will my earphone stick out farther with custom earpieces? 

The custom earpiece fills the bowl of your ear, so it sits farther out than with the generic ear tip

What is the difference between Acrylic and Satin Soft?  ↓

Both the Satin Soft and Acrylic will be comfortable, so don't go one direction or the other for more comfort. Satin Soft is soft material, and Acrylic is hard. The Satin Soft does tend to seal the ear a bit better so we recommend this type earpiece for noisier environments or for folks that are having trouble hearing transmissions

Is the "No Color" option a Clear color?  ↓

No, the material cures with a Beige/Tan tone. The products that are available in Acrylic, do cure, clear

Remakes, returns and refunds  ↓

We want to make sure you are happy with your earpieces. We guarantee the fit of your earpieces and will work with you to make any adjustments, including remaking your earpieces when returned, if needed, up to 45 days from receipt. Prior written authorization for a remake return is needed. Since the earpieces are custom made to your ear, we do not accept any returns for refunds on custom earpieces. After placing an order, we allow up to six months for you to send in your impressions before we consider your order void and not refundable. All warranties are based on U.S. orders