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Clarity Aloft or CEP Foam Ear Tip Replacement Pair

Clarity Aloft or CEP Foam Ear Tip Replacement Pair
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Product Description:

Clarity Aloft custom earpieces made from our Satin Soft material designed to replace the foam ear tips provided with aviation headsets such as the the Clarity Aloft or CEP earphones. These fit all Clarity Aloft models, including the Flex

If you require maximum levels of hearing protection we recommend deep impressions. Please click here to read the "Deep Impression Advisory" Be sure to write in the comment box at check-out that you "plan on getting deep impressions" and we will email you a lab order form with instructions. Be sure to place an order Before getting your impressions made, so we can send you the lab order form.  This is for one pair.


Deep Impressions Advisory Statement

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We offer these special prices on duplicate earpieces. Please note that this is for an exact duplicate of your first earpiece. The material choice (acrylic or satin soft) must be the same for these prices, although the color and glitter options can be changed. Have a backup earpiece(s) now in case your earpiece is ever lost or left behind. We suggest ordering your duplicate along with your initial order but it can be ordered up to 6 weeks after your initial purchase.

Featured positive reviews:

Clarity Aloft or CEP Foam Ear Tip Replacement Pair
I ordered a pair of these, wanting them because I did not like the foam tips. At first I was skeptical thinking, "I hope these are more comfortable." The most uncomfortable thing was getting the deep ear mold impressions made! As soon as I put them on it was a PERFECT fit! These are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is better than the default earpieces! I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone interested! Best purchase of my aviation career (6 years)! Will never use anything else for this headset. Guaranteed satisfaction. And on top of that, the customer service is better than any place I have ever used! The guy in charge of it is very timely responding to emails and even calling you back, being sure to answer any and every question you might have! Wonderful company, customer service, and products! Will definitely use again!
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